Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get approved?
It takes a couple of minutes to collect basic credit information and seconds for the approval.
What is the credit approval rate?
We access 6 different technology platforms of 3rd party service providers of bank loans, with each tied into its own unique portfolio of banks, we have an approval rate of over 90% on our loan applications.
How long is my credit approval good for?
It is good for 120 days from the date of the approval and if it’s not utilized, it simply goes away – there are no application or cancellation fees.
What is an unsecured loan?
An unsecured loan simply means there is no collateral tied to the loan or lien on your house – unlike a PACE loan – e.g. see the HERO loan, which liens your house.
Is there a penalty for paying off my loan early?
There is no penalty to pay it off or pay it down – think paying off a credit card – it’s the same process.
What types of home improvements qualify?
Virtually any interior or exterior home improvement qualifies – any install, service, repair, upgrade or addition is okay – remember, we have many lenders anxious for good credit-worthy clients and are not interested in what they are buying but how they are paying.
Do you have NO interest NO payment promotional loans?
Yes, we can offer many varied and different options that offer deferred and no interest with or without payments during the promotional period –NOTE, that under these types of deferred and no interest plans, your customers will avoid paying interest on their loans only if they pay back the entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period.
What are your interest rates?
They vary based on the plan – they start at 0% up to 18 months - see above for conditions. However, most rates fall between 5.99% - 11.99% for prime and near-prime credits. Sub-prime loans have “risk-adjusted pricing".
My customers typically pay in cash, why should I offer them a promotion?
There are typically 2 types of customers – those who prefer to pay cash and those who like low monthly payments – you don’t know which type your customer is – Offering promotional 0% interest financing gives them more purchasing power with the opportunity to pay over a longer period of time and avoid paying interest – and typically they take advantage of something FREE and spend more.
How does offering financing increase sales?
Offering a payment option to customers prevents those non-cash paying customers from moving forward with a competitor that doesn’t offer financing options – as a result price reductions and discounts decline – you can sell on value not on price. Customers buying power increases, so you can up sell and provide a better solution using higher quality materials.
Is your process really paperless?
The credit approval process is 100% paperless for both the contractor and the homeowner – we take applications over the phone or submit them from the job site via mobile app. Credit approvals and loan documents are emailed to the borrower’s inbox - we just keep an initialed copy of your job order and invoice on file in case we need to resolve any disputes with the borrower.
How long does it take to get paid?
It’s just like accepting a credit card and the process is the same - once the job is completed and the customer signs off, thereby authorizing us to submit for payment, we get funding in 48 hours and will personally drive the check out to you.
What information does the homeowner need to provide for a loan?
The same basic personal information as when applying for a credit card – e.g.: name, address, social security number, DOB, phone number and monthly income – and to send approval terms, documentation and billing/payment information, we get their email address.