Schraff Finance is where contractors gain seamless access to top financing options for their valued homeowners.

Schraff Finance provides contractors with powerful financial tools that help homeowners of various credit scores gain approval for funding of all sorts of residential construction and home improvement work. Typically, contractors may sign contracts with one or two banks without knowing how competitive those banks’ rates are for certain customers. But banks mostly cater to prime borrowers, leaving those homeowners with less-than-stellar credit unable to get loan approval for essential work (e.g., repairing a water main).

How It Works: Competitive Options

Rather than limit your options to one or two banks, Schraff Finance works with many banks on behalf of contractors. Our goal is to provide a range of funding options for contractors’ homeowner clients regardless of credit score or occupation. Instead of receiving only one or two options to finance through the contractor, customers receive different terms, rates, or fees based on their application form all banks with which Schraff Finance is affiliated. The process provides a valuable sales tool for contractors, while homeowners appreciate the flexibility to make the best choice for their financial position.

Personal Service, Significant Value

Once a contractor signs with Schraff Finance, a personal representative is assigned. This single point of contact will work closely with the contractor on a daily basis to process applications and facilitate funding on behalf of the contractor’s customers. With Schraff Finance, there’s no overhead necessary to train salespeople on how to sell financing. With a simple online application or short phone call, financing is seamlessly integrated into your current quoting process. Offering a wide range of personalized financing options can make a significant impact on a customer’s ability to make a decision.